Machine Tool Automation

Automation? We make the case for it!

Large, medium and even small companies are asking themselves if automation is right for them. Here are some reasons why all companies should consider a reasonable level of automation.
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Automation increases machine run time

With automation, unproductive times such as breaks, other tasks and mainly the evening and night hours can be reduced. Most times, tasks and responsibilities can be restructured or even extended (e.g. immediate quality control of manufactured parts).
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Automation raises production efficiency

By increasing machining hours, production efficiency is raised. Nothing is as costly as an expensive machining centre that does not run. The goal of every business should be to utilise the maximum capacity of their machining centres. This can be achieve by a machine tool automation system.
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Automation reduces costs

With automation, machines can run during the night and can utilise less expensive night electricity (where applicable). In addition, the company can save or reduce unproductive times, late or night shift but still keep production running without the presence of a machine operator.
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Automation reduces costs per piece

Thanks to the savings achieved through automated manufacturing and optimised productivity, the reduced costs per piece can result in more competitive pricing without sacrificing quality.
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Automation increases your competitiveness

Reduced pricing while maintaining high quality and consistency allows you to remain competitive, even in the hard-fought international markets.
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Automation the future?

In closing, automated manufacturing is almost a must-have for all machining companies today and in near future. The level and scope of the automation goal has to fit the company structure. Keeping this in mind, we have developed different automation solutions in order to satisfy the different requirements and needs of all of our customers.

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