Stamping Technology: What is pre-stamping?

Stamping technology, also known as pre-stamping, is a technology specifically developed by LANG, which has been setting standards in 5-axis machining for the last 15 year and is universally considered to be the benchmark in today's workholding.

Through pre-stamping a workpiece is indented with a defined contour with a stamping power of up to 20 tons of hydraulic pressure before it is clamped in the clamping fixture with form-closure, offline or outside of the machine tool. Thanks to pre-stamping workpieces can be clamped in compact clamping fixtures and with relatively low actuation forces, but with high holding power and great process reliability. The whole pre-stamping process only takes max. 5 seconds.

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When does pre-stamping workpieces makes sense?

Clamping processes that require a high holding power but risk the danger of workpiece deformation can be mastered with assurance with pre-stamping. For 5-axis machining, where optimal accessibility needs to be reached, pre-stamping technology is a must.

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Pre-Stamping compared to conventional vices with gripping jaws

Stamped part ready for form-closure clamping in a Makro-Grip Compared to conventional vices where the gripping jaws (without pre-stamping) have to work hard (4-6 tons) to indent the workpiece to get a grip, the LANG 5-axis vice’s only task is to hold the part – with only max. 2 tons of pressure. A deformation to the workpiece can be virtually ruled out thanks to pre-stamping.

Clamping with only 2 tons of pressure is also the reason why the LANG 5-axis vice is constructed lightweight and compact and offers perfect accessibility for 5-axis machining. With pre-stamping as a factor even raw material with a tensile strength of 1500 N/mm² can be stamped and clamped securely. The clamping requirement of the workpiece is less than 3.5mm and leads to lower material removal on the finishing side.

These are only a few reasons why pre-stamping is unique. See for yourself and experience the benefits of pre-stamping. You will be impressed!

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