Clamping Systems

Clamping systems „Made in Germany“

As a manufacturer of high quality, patented clamping systems for the metal machining industry we are aiming for efficiency and effectiveness in our own production. True to the slogan “Made in Germany” we produce our workholding and automation products solely in Germany. In order to keep up with international competitors we depend on efficient clamping systems that reduce set-up times and unproductive downtimes.

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Clamping systems to optimise manufacturing processes

Nowadays every producing business is reliant on reducing unit costs. Here we would like to contribute with our innovative clamping systems to optimise your manufacturing processes. The reduction of set-up time is just as important as the high quality standard of your manufactured parts. Trendsetting clamping systems by LANG immediately influence your manufacturing processes and provide you with the necessary requirements to stay efficient and competitive.

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Matured clamping systems from one source

All clamping systems offered to our customers are also utilised in our own manufacturing site. The experience we gain from the practical use are an important factor for permanent development and continuous improvement of our clamping systems. The interplay between pre-stamping, workholding, zero-point clamping system and automation results in a harmonising solution for 5-face-machining. A huge advantage of our clamping systems is the independence from our manufacturer’s systems. You get all clamping systems from one source, can talk directly to the manufacturer and don’t have to accept compromises. In contrast, companies who use clamping systems from other manufacturer are still able to adapt LANG clamping systems and integrate them in their processes.

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