Zero-point clamping system

Zero-point clamping system - What for?

Due to expensive downtimes of machine tools, zero-point clamping systems are getting more and more important. A zero-point clamping system connects workpieces, vices, pallets or fixtures to a machine tool table precisely within seconds. The machining time of workpieces can be used more efficiently if a second or third pallet gets set up outside of the machine tool during its running time.

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Zero-point clamping system - A practical example:

Several milling jobs have to be executed on your CNC machine which features a zero-point clamping system. Four different workpieces shall be machined successively. You set up the machine, measure and start the program – the machining starts.

While job A is executed in the zero-point clamping system inside the machine you place workpieces B, C and D outside of the machine in their respective clamping devices. As soon as workpiece A has been finished you take out the clamping device, place workpiece B into the zero-point clamping system highly accurately and start the second program. Thanks to the zero-point clamping system the downtime of the machine tool is decreased to only a few seconds.

Now you can take workpiece A out of your clamping device or just leave it clamped and immediately put it into the zero-point clamping system of your measuring machine or other without any delay. With this procedure you can finish your complete batch with a minimum of downtime.

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Quick-Point zero-point clamping system applications

The Quick-Point zero-point clamping system fits almost any machining centre making it the perfect solution to set-up vices, fixtures or workpieces within seconds. Due to the 52 and 96mm grid of the zero-point clamping system all Makro-Grip vices can be used. Whether VMC or HMC, single or multi clamping systems the LANG zero-point clamping system offers countless application possibilities. With Quick-Point clamping studs workpieces can also be clamped directly in the zero-point clamping system. Even for an automated manufacturing LANG offers a zero-point clamping option. One of the world’s lowest build-up heights (27mm) and high position accuracy (<5µm) make the Quick-Point zero-point clamping system on of the best in its class.

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