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Clean-Tec Cleaning Fan

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Automatic In-Process Cleaning of Workpieces and Fixtures!

- Quick and easy cleaning of workpieces, fixtures and machine tool tables after the machining process
- No swarf and coolant outside of the machine tool
- Fibreglass compound body with steel centre core and wear-restistent carbon fibre wings for best durability
- Can be clamped in every common shank Ø 20 mm or 3/4"
- Clean-Tec wings open and close automatically by machine tool spindle adjustment
- Available in sizes Ø 160 mm, Ø 260 mm, Ø 330 mm

LANG Technik has been supporting BILD hilft e.V. „Ein Herz für Kinder" for years. With every Clean-Tec sold, LANG donates  2,- € to the foundation!

Clean-Tec Cleaning Fan, Ø 160 mm, Item No. 30160
Clean-Tec Cleaning Fan, Ø 260 mm, Item No. 30260
Clean-Tec Cleaning Fan, Ø 330 mm, Item No. 30330
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