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Makro-Grip Ultra Base-Set

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Scope of delivery:

A Base-Set of Makro-Grip Ultra consists of the actual base including Quick-Point clamping studs, a spindle and two centring plates. Provided with every Base-Set are hexagon wrenches (size 5 mm and 19 mm) and a cover plug remover. Additionally two connection plates come with every Base-Sets 610 and 810.

Base lengths and clamping ranges:

In different combinations the two base lengths 192 mm and 96 mm (each in the system height S/M/L) result in certain clamping ranges. The combination of a long and a short base (left and right from the centre of the system) allows to clamp workpieces up to 610 mm. Two long bases on each side add up to a total range of 810 mm.
Base-Set 410 S
Base-Set 410 M
Base-Set 410 L
Base-Set 610 S
Base-Set 610 M
Base-Set 610 L
Base-Set 810 S
Base-Set 810 M
Base-Set 810 L
Base Set 410 M
Base Set 410 M
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