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The feedback since the launch of the Robo Trex two years ago has proven it. The practical handling and the short time required to set up the system are among others the main reasons for our customers to invest in a LANG automation solution. But what are the arguments in favor of LANG Automation compared to competitors whose solutions are based on a pallet change or those who pursue a completely different philosophy with part handling systems? Learn more about the differences and how you can benefit from externally setting up the vices and workpieces.

General benefits of the Robo Trex System

  • Minimal time needed for setting up and equipping the system. The external preparation of the automation trolley ensures that the system can be re-equipped within a few seconds and, in principle, can work without any machine downtime

  • The simple "start-stop" operation via touch panel with less than 10 functions keeps training time to a minimum. Even unskilled personnel without robot skills are able to operate the system in the short time

  • For connection to the machine tool - both new and retrofitted to existing machines - no medium is needed on the machine side. Required is only a free, acknowledgeable M-function or standardised automation interface. Automation via a side window or the machine door is carried out by LANG or the machine manufacturer

  • Independence from other manufacturers. Vices, zero point clamping system and automation form a perfectly coordinated unit. We guarantee a direct and uncomplicated communication

  • Robo Trex limits itself to a few key features, without extras. The attractive price-performance ratio ensures fast amortisation (Request your sample calculation!)

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Advantages of Robo Trex Automation over part handling systems

  • Robo Trex comes with a single gripper, no matter which workpiece, no adaptation of the gripper is required for different workpieces

  • Robo Trex uses the same storage medium for all workpieces, so the automation system can be used flexibly even with high vertical integration

  • Thanks to the Makro-Grip stamping technology, many compact vices can be stored in the smallest possible footprint. At the same time, the stamping technology guarantees maximum process reliability in milling

  • The automatic loading / unloading is independent of the milled contour, since the Makro-Grip vice is the handling interface. No problems with bulky parts

  • Thanks to high precision in the zero point clamping and the workpiece being held in the toothed clamping jaw, quick and easy reproduction of the clamping situation is possible if workpieces have to be re-clamped for any necessary reworking

  • For manual processing, Makro-Grip vices can be used at any time in other machines, which maintains flexibility in production at all times
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Advantages of Robo Trex Automation over other palletising systems

  • With the LANG workholding, vice and pallet are a compact unit. This results in high space savings in the machine, as well as a high storage capacity of the entire system in a small footprint

  • Compact vice & large workpiece (LANG) over large pallet & relatively small workpiece (competition)

  • There is no additional vice-pallet interface, which has a positive effect on stability and manufacturing accuracy

  • Thanks to simple communication between automation and machine tool, the installation of the Robo Trex system, which is delivered in a ready-to-operate state, is very simple and hardly time-consuming. As a result, longer downtime of the machine tool can be avoided

  • The storage medium (automation trolley) is pre-equipped externally and location-independently. The Robo Trex system can then be assembled in just a few seconds by simply exchanging the trolley

  • One-touch operation gives the operator access to the entire storage. The accessibility to each individual clamping point is guaranteed

  • This allows immediate (quality) control of the finished parts during operation

  • Favorable price per clamping point (total price / storage capacity)

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