Trade shows

Upcoming trade show appearances by LANG:

to be announced shortly

Further future trade shows in 2018 where our products will be exhibited by our exclusive distributors:

20.02. - 24.02.18    METAV Dusseldorf (Germany), represented by HWR Spanntechnik
20.03. - 23.03.18    TECHNISHOW Utrecht (Netherlands), represented by Leering Hengelo
22.03. - 24.03.18    MECSPE Parma (Italy), represented by Metech S.A.
27.03. - 30.03.18    INDUSTRIE Paris (France), represented by Doga
03.04. - 07.04.18    SIMTOS Seoul (Korea), represented by 5Atz
09.04. - 13.04.18    MACH Birmingham (England), represented by Thame Workholding
01.05. - 03.05.18    EMEX Auckland (New Zealand), represented by WorthyCAM
14.05. - 18.05.18    METALLOOBRABOTKA Moskow (Russia), represented by CEPR and Rosna
23.05. - 26.05.18    METALTECH Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia), represented by Sumitec
28.05. - 01.06.18    BIEMH Bilbao (Spain), represented by Delfin Componentes
10.09. - 15.09.18    IMTS Chicago (USA), represented by LANG Technovation
01.10. - 05.10.18    MSV Brno (Czech Republic), represented by Protechnik
01.11. - 06.11.18    JIMTOF Tokyo (Japan), represented by Aichi Sangyo
20.11. - 23.11.18    PRODEX Basel (Switzerland), represented by Intool AG

For years and on a regular basis LANG has been participating in German metal-machining trade shows . In these shows we present our novelties and the established products to the visitors and customers. Especially the EMO trade show in Hannover and the "local" AMB show in Stuttgart are very important to us.
The "metal Munich" and "Metav" in Dusseldorf are further trade shows we took part in in the last few years.

Abroad our products are displayed by our exclusive partners in their respective countries.

In the gallery below you will find some pictures of current and past trade show appearances.