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Makro-Grip 5-Axis Vice

5-Axic Vice 46:

Item No. 47065    Length 77mm, clamping range 0-65mm
Item No. 47105    Length 117mm, clamping range 0-105mm
Item No. 47145    Length 157mm, clamping range 0-145mm

5-Axis Vice 77:

Item No. 47085    Length 102mm, clamping range 0-85mm
Item No. 47120    Length 130mm, clamping range 0-120mm
Item No. 47160    Length 170mm, clamping range 0-160mm
Item No. 47200    Length 210mm, clamping range 0-200mm

5-Axis Vice 125:

Item No. 47155    Length 160mm, clamping range 0-155mm
Item No. 47205    Length 210mm, clamping range 0-205mm
Item No. 47255    Length 260mm, clamping range 0-255mm
Item No. 47305    Length 310mm, clamping range 0-305mm
Item No. 47355    Length 360mm, clamping range 0-355mm

Spare jaws:

Item Nr. 47046-20    5-Axis Vice 46
Item Nr. 47077-20    5-Axis Vice 77
Item Nr. 47085-20    5-Axis Vice 77 (47085)
Item Nr. 47125-20    5-Axis Vice 125
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Makro-Grip Automation Vice

Automation Vice 77:

Item No. 46160    Automation Vice 77, Length 170mm, clamping range 0-160mm

Automation Vice 125:

Item No. 46205    Automation Vice 125, Length 210mm, clamping range 0-205mm

Automation Dual Vice 77:

Item No. 46200                Automation Dual Vice 77, Length 210mm, clamping range 2x 0-200mm
Item No. 47200-TG17    Centre jaw 17mm, incl. Spindle (Length 215mm)
Item No. 47200-TG27    Centre jaw 27mm, incl. Spindle (Length 215mm)

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Makro-Grip Robo

Makro-Grip Robo 77:

Item No. 66120-46    Makro-Grip Robo 77, jaw width 46mm
Item No. 66120-77    Makro-Grip Robo 77, jaw width 77mm

Item No. 66120-4620    Spare jaws Makro-Grip Robo 77, jaw width 46mm
Item No. 66120-7720    Spare jaws Makro-Grip Robo 77, jaw width 77mm

Clamping plate for Makro-Grip Robo to be found in downloads zero-point clamping system

Makro-Grip Robo 125:

Item No. 63205-77    Makro-Grip Robo 125, jaw width 77mm
Item No. 63205-125    Makro-Grip Robo 125, jaw width 125mm

Item No. 63205-7720    Spare jaws Makro-Grip Robo 125, jaw width 77mm
Item No. 63205-2520    Spare jaws Makro-Grip Robo 125, jaw width 125mm

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Retrofitting Kit Makro-Grip Dual Vice

Dual Vice 46:

Item No. 47065-TG    for 47065
Item No. 47105-TG    for 47105
Item No. 47145-TG    for 47145

Dual Vice 77:

Item No. 47085-TG17    (centre jaw 17mm)    for 47085
Item No. 47085-TG27    (centre jaw 27mm)    for 47085
Item No. 47120-TG17    (centre jaw 17mm)    for 47120
Item No. 47120-TG27    (centre jaw 27mm)    for 47120
Item No. 47160-TG17    (centre jaw 17mm)    for 47160
Item No. 47160-TG27    (centre jaw 27mm)    for 47160
Item No. 47200-TG17    (centre jaw 17mm)    for 47200
Item No. 47200-TG27    (centre jaw 27mm)    for 47200

Dual Vice 125:

Item No. 47155-TG17    (centre jaw 17mm)    for 47155
Item No. 47155-TG27    (centre jaw 27mm)    for 47155
Item No. 47205-TG17    (centre jaw 17mm)    for 47205
Item No. 47205-TG27    (centre jaw 27mm)    for 47205
Item No. 47255-TG17    (centre jaw 17mm)    for 47255
Item No. 47255-TG27    (centre jaw 27mm)    for 47255
Item No. 47305-TG17    (centre jaw 17mm)    for 47305
Item No. 47305-TG27    (centre jaw 27mm)    for 47305
Item No. 47355-TG17    (centre jaw 17mm)    for 47355
Item No. 47355-TG27    (centre jaw 27mm)    for 47355
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Profilo Clamping Vice

Profilo 77:

Item No. 49010    Length 102mm, opening range 10mm
Item No. 49040    Length 130mm, opening range 40mm
Item No. 49080    Length 170mm, opening range 80mm
Item No. 49120    Length 210mm, opening range 120mm

Profilo 125:

Item No. 49050    Length 160mm, opening range 50mm
Item No. 49100    Length 210mm, opening range 100mm
Item No. 49150    Length 260mm, opening range 150mm
Item No. 49200    Length 310mm, opening range 200mm
Item No. 49250    Length 360mm, opening range 250mm

Add-on jaws 77:

Item No. 49778    Steel
Item No. 49779    Aluminium

Manufacturing drawing for in-house production

Add-on jaws 125:

Item No. 49258    Steel
Item No. 49259    Aluminium

Manufacturing drawing for in-house production

Base jaws 77:

Item No. 49771

Base jaws 125:

Item No. 49251

Profilo 77 Centre Jaw:

Item No. 49080-TG    Profilo 77 Centre Jaw + Spindle Ø 16 mm, length 175 mm
Item No. 49120-TG    Profilo 77 Centre Jaw + Spindle Ø 16 mm, length 215 mm

Profilo 125 Centre Jaw:

Item No. 49100-TG    Profilo 125 Centre Jaw + Spindle Ø 20 mm, length 215 mm
Item No. 49150-TG    Profilo 125 Centre Jaw + Spindle Ø 20 mm, length 265 mm
Item No. 49200-TG    Profilo 125 Centre Jaw + Spindle Ø 20 mm, length 315 mm
Item No. 49250-TG    Profilo 125 Centre Jaw + Spindle Ø 20 mm, length 365 mm

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Avanti Universal Vice

Avanti 46:

Item No. 44065    Length 77mm, opening range 5mm
Item No. 44105    Length 117mm, opening range 45mm

Avanti 77:

Item No. 44120    Length 130mm, opening range 15mm
Item No. 44160    Length 170mm, opening range 55mm
Item No. 44200    Length 210mm, opening range 95mm

Avanti 125:

Item No. 44205    Length 210mm, opening range 55mm
Item No. 44255    Length 260mm, opening range 105mm
Item No. 44305    Length 310mm, opening range 155mm
Item No. 44355    Length 360mm, opening range 205mm

Base jaws:

Item No. 44461    base jaws 46
Item No. 44771    base jaws 77
Item No. 44251    base jaws 125

Top jaws:

Item No. 44468-26    Steel 46
Item No. 44469-26    Aluminium 46
Item No. 44778-36    Steel 77
Item No. 44779-36    Aluminium 77
Item No. 44258-46    Steel 125
Item No. 44259-46    Aluminium 125

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Vario-Tec Centring Vice

Vario-Tec 77:

Item No. 42057    Length 130mm, clamping range 0-55mm
Item No. 42097    Length 170mm, clamping range 0-95mm
Item No. 42137    Length 210mm, clamping range 0-135mm

Vario-Tec 125:

Item No. 42102    Length 210mm, clamping range 0-100mm
Item No. 42152    Length 260mm, clamping range 0-150mm
Item No. 42202    Length 310mm, clamping range 0-200mm
Item No. 42252    Length 360mm, clamping range 0-250mm
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Ino-Grip Compact 3-jaw chuck

3-jaw chuck:

Item No. 51160    Ino-Grip 3-jaw chuck, incl. clamping jaws
Item No. 51161    Gripping jaw, hardened
Item No. 51162    Top jaw, soft

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