Downloads Zero-Point Clamping System

Quick-Point Grid Plates

Item No. 45600    Grid Plate 52, 104x104x27mm, w/o bores

Item No. 45710    Grid Plate 96, 192x192x27mm, w/o bores
Item No. 45763    Grid Plate 96, 192x192x27mm, for 63mm t-slot distance
Item No. 45715    extended Grid Plate 96, 246x192x27mm
Item No. 45716    extended Grid Plate 96, 246x192x27mm, w/o bores
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Quick-Point Multi Grid Plates

Item No. 45640    4-fold Grid Plate 52, 208x208x27mm, w/o bores
Item No. 45641    4-fold Grid Plate 52, 208x208x27mm, for 63mm t-slot distance

Item No. 45720    Double Grid Plate 96, 384x192x27mm, w/o bores
Item No. 45740    4-fold Grid Plate 96, 384x384x27mm, w/o bores
Item No. 45741    4-fold Grid Plate 96, 384x384x27mm, for 63mm t-slot distance
Item No. 45742    4-fold Grid Plate 96, 384x384x27mm, for 100mm t-slot distance

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Quick-Point 52

Item No. 45150    Quick-Point 52, 150x116x27mm
Item No. 45151    Quick-Point 52, 150x116x27mm, w/o bores
Item No. 45750    Quick-Point 52, round, Ø116x27mm
Item No. 45751    Quick-Point 52, round, Ø116x27mm, w/o bores
Item No. 45900    Quick-Point 52, round, Ø157x27mm
Item No. 45901    Quick-Point 52, round, Ø157x27mm, w/o bores
Item No. 45903    Quick-Point 52, round, Ø157x27mm, w/o bores, for individual centre bore
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Quick-Point 96

Item No. 45400    Quick-Point 96, 192x156x27mm
Item No. 45401    Quick-Point 96, 192x156x27mm, w/o bores
Item No. 45800    Quick-Point 96, round, Ø176x27mm
Item No. 45801    Quick-Point 96, round, Ø176x27mm, w/o bores
Item No. 45820    Quick-Point 96, round, Ø196x27mm, w/o bores
Item No. 45840    Quick-Point 96, round, Ø246x27mm, w/o bores
Item No. 45890    Quick-Point 96, round, Ø246x27mm, 4x 90° bores
Item No. 45803    Quick-Point 96, round, Ø176x27mm, w/o bores, for individual centre bore
Item No. 45823    Quick-Point 96, round, Ø196x27mm, w/o bores, for individual centre bore
Item No. 45843    Quick-Point 96, round, Ø246x27mm, w/o bores, for individual centre bore

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Quick-Point Adapter Plates

Item No. 45160    Adapter Plate, 150x126x27mm
Item No. 45910    Adapter Plate, round, Ø157x27mm
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Quick-Point Tri-Top

Item No. 45352    Quick-Point Tri-Top 3-face-tombstone
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Quick-Point Automation

Item No. 46080    Automation Base Tower
Item No. 65190    Automation Support Pallet, Ø178x24mm, with 52mm borehole pattern
Item No. 65197    Automation Support Pallet, Ø178x27mm, w/o bores
Item No. 65196    Automation- Zero Point Pallet, 192x178x27mm
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Quick-Tower Tombstone

Item No. 70650    Quick-Tower, height 668mm
Item No. 70850    Quick-Tower, height 860mm

Item No. 70005    Quick-Tower Base Plate, 396x396x27mm, w/o bores
Item No. 70008    Quick-Tower Base Plate, 446x446x27mm, 12x M16 (distance 200mm)

Item No. 75600    Quick-Tower Grid Plate 52, 104x104x27mm
Item No. 75710    Quick-Tower Grid Plate 96, 192x192x27mm
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Quick-Point Support Plates

Item No. 45275    Support Plate 52, 96x96x27mm
Item No. 45277    Support Plate 52, 156x156x27mm

Item No. 45575    Support Plate 96, 156x156x27mm
Item No. 45577    Support Plate 96, 196x196x27mm
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Quick-Point Twin Base

Item No. 47220    Twin Base 52, 146x76x168mm

Item No. 47520    Twin Base 96, 196x116x247mm
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Quick-Point 5-Axis-Riser

Item No. 45156    5-Axis-Riser 52, 150x116x60mm
Item No. 45157    5-Axis Riser 52, 150x116x100mm

Item No. 45406    5-Axis Riser 96, 192x156x60mm
Item No. 45407    5-Axis Riser 96, 192x156x100mm
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Quick-Point Riser

Item No. 43060    Riser 52, 150x116x60mm
Item No. 43100    Riser 52, 150x116x100mm

Item No. 44060    Riser 96, 192x156x60mm
Item No. 44100    Riser 96, 192x156x100mm
Item No. 44006    Riser 96, round, Ø246/ Ø176 x 60mm
Item No. 44010    Riser 96, round, Ø246/ Ø176 x 100mm
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Quick-Point Accessories

Item No. 45270          Clamping Studs Ø16mm
Item No. 45270-10    Spacer Studs Ø16mm

Item No. 45570          Clamping Studs Ø20mm
Item No. 45570-10    Spacer Studs Ø20mm

Item No. 44552         Quick-Point Quick-Lock 52
Item No. 44596         Quick-Point Quick-Lock 96

Item No. 45452        Quick-Point Quick-Lock for 4-fold Grid Plate 52

Item No. 45296        Quick-Point Quick-Lock for Double Grid Plate 96
Item No. 45496        Quick-Point Quick-Lock for 4-fold Grid Plate 96

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Robo-Trex Clamping Plate

Item No. 66500    Clamping Plate Ø157x37mm for Robo-Trex
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