Workholding expert for 5-face machining

As a manufacturer of highly innovative workholding products for the metalworking industry we set a high value on efficiency and profitability for our own production.

Starting as a contract manufacturer nearly 30 years ago we applied our experience to develop workholding equipment that has the purpose to optimise all kinds of productions and also ease manufacturing processes while increasing the efficiency at the same time.

LANG workholding features the Makro-Grip centring vice - a perfect fit for 5-face-machining. Working with the patented Grip-Fix form-closure technology the 5-axis vice offers the perfect combination of holding power and compactness. For backside operations the newly developed Makro-Grip precision vice is a great choice. With 5-axis and precision vices Makro-Grip workholding covers all tasks of milling.

The Quick-Point zero-point clamping system acts as the connection element between workholding device and machine-tool table . The fully mechanical, modular and at the same time the world's lowest zero-point clamping system can be attached to any machine tool. Even to horizontal machining centres the Quick-Point system can be applied. Mounted to the Quick-Tower tombstones the Quick-Point system provides highly flexible and individual clamping possibilities.

Our workholding is supplemented by our Eco-Tower machine tool automation and handling system. It stands out due to its simple and cost-effective workpiece handling and space-saving storage capacity. For small batch series up to 10 workpieces the Eco-Compact machine tool automation and handling systems suits perfectly. Due to low pneumatic driving forces it does not need any casing or shutoff devices and hence allows the operator to actively engage with the machining process.
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